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                                                              Unlit Fiber

Independent telecom providers are now buying the rights to this fiber and lighting it to meet the needs of their customers. This presents great opportunities for not only these providers who get great bargains for unutilized networks, but also pass these savings on to business customers. Until now, it was common for businesses to pay an average of about $5000 a month for a 45 mbps (megabits per second) DS3 circuit. Now, due to utilization of formerly dark fiber, it is not unusual to find a 100 mbps circuit for as little as $2500. Another advantage of the utilization of formerly dark fiber is that businesses that may have had to pay tens of thousands of dollars to have their buildings lit for fiber (because traditional fiber routes were remote from their buildings), now often discover that dark fiber might be passing within feet of their building. This close proximate can reduce the cost of lighting (running fiber to) their building to almost nothing.  

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