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Dark fiber originated mostly as a result of the crash of the NASDAQ in March 2000. Prior to March 2000, there was a period of extreme investment optimism. This period is now commonly referred to as the dot-com bubble. The stock market was skyrocketing, and investors were desperate to maximize their earnings on this potential - many by pouring money into highly speculative internet-based companies commonly referred to as dot-coms. As a result, investment firms and major corporations received a windfall of added investment capital. Because telecommunication and more specifically fiber, was considered a great investment in the future, a large portion of these funds was invested in the expansion of optical fiber routes nationwide to enhance telecommunication infrastructures. Unfortunately, after the crash of 2000, these funds dried up. This caused the dot-com bubble to burst. Many of the companies that had the rights to these fiber networks either went bankrupt, or, had to abandon their goals of utilizing this fiber. This resulted in hundreds of thousands of miles of “unlit” (dark) fiber. Dark fiber is optical fiber that is lying in the ground unutilized.  

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